About Us

If you want something done, ask a busy person.
- Benjamin Franklin -


Our company

S caligera Immobiliare is a Firm of Real Estate Consultants born from the cohesion of a strong know how in the Real Estate sector and with a proved experience matured from the buying, selling and renting of houses and estates of prestige, like flats and commercial activities. Our Firm has the advantage of personnel who are always open to new methods and changes. Its vocation is totally orientated to every requirement of the client and his needs in the real estate. Our culture is quality at every level, in terms of passion, constancy, transparency, privacy and communication, which from an excellent service. The buying or selling a premises, especially when it deals with your own house, is not an ordinary and thoughtless commercial act, on the contrary, it quickly becomes a decision and an operation full of extra-ordinary implications. Buying or selling your house is an operation connected to feelings, like those of home sickness if you are selling, or those of desire if you are buying. It will be possible to conduct everything with the right measure of security and transparency so that the client realises that the agent figure is the right one, because it has there necessary qualities: practical and organisational capacity, competence to manage all the aspects in reference to this operation and continual transparency in the passages phase by phase. For Scaligera Immobiliare to demonstrate these three qualities is our every day objective. 

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