Habitability and accessibility building: there is difference between the two terms?

The answer is "no". Between habitability and accessibility building reported to an accomodation or building doesn't exist no one important difference. But it wasn't always  so.

"With article 24 of DPR 380/2001 (unique text for building) they were taked back to unit the terms habitability and accessibility, often a sourche of terminology confusion" , says Michele Miguidi, author of Essential Guide to the Unique Text of Building.

Is interesting notice how, initially, the two terms were coined to denote two differents elements. In specific, the term of habitability had been used in connection with residential properties, while the accessibility building was used when the reference were non-residential real estate.

This terminology difference is continuated subsequently too, highlighting, however, another difference between the two words.

The building accessibility was linked to general discipline relative to stability and security of property, while habitability was connected to the requirements of property respect of specific purpose uses.

And today? what difference there is between habitability and accessibility building?

As we have wrote at the begin of this post, there is no longer any difference, because the legislator has deleted the double terminological reference, choosing the broader term of accessibility.

In relatively recent times, the administrative court of Lazio has confermed this formulation with the sentence n. 180 of 12 Genuary 2012.

What there is wrote in the sentence of TAR Lazio? Referring to the full reading of the judgment, in this post we want underline two passages.

In the first, the administrative judges  write that "the legislator has take back to unit the terms of accessibility building and habitability often used indifferently in the previous rules".

The second passage of the sentence, then, specifies that "the two expression (habitability and accessibility building, n.d.r.), even if otherwise used, were homogeneous and not requested different administrator process".

To demonstration of what said, the judges see, how the documents and preliminary technical investigations for the release of accessibility building or of habitability do not change even in the presence of property to different destination "except, obviously, the requirement to value the presence of different sanitation requirements due to the intended use ".