If you want something done, ask a busy person.
- Benjamin Franklin -


We guarantee the sale quickly and assure you the most contractual protection.


1. Prequalification of buyers to optimize the visits and to guarantee a quick sale.

2. We sell houses.

3. We have the advice of the best law firms, notarial, technicals and tax advice to give the best solutions to our customer's problems.

4. We are the real estate agency more visible in your zone, thank to the exclusive partnership with and the most important and known real estate portals in Italy, we offer services like banner on the homepage of the reference municipality, top announcement and launch window, to give the most visibility to her home.

5. Personalized brochure.

6. Photografic album of property.

7. Designation of a responsible to the building's management and relationships with the seller;

8. Collection requests and promotion of the unit in our studio;

9. Insertion of your building on the web site (2450 visits per month);

10. Update every month and a half mail and/or phone call for the evolution of the work.

11. The development of the negotations did only in write form throught the use of irrevocable propositions, accompanied to deposit with check no transferable made directly to the owner.

12. If is necessary a loan aside buyer, our studio will find the best finacing by means of our staff regularly entered the Italian office changes, to improved market conditions with simultaneous delivery to the notarial deed.





1. Prequalification of yours needs to optimize the research of your building.

2. Deepened analysis of building:

   a. Constant monitoring on the mortgage situation of property proposed from  us

   b. Monitoring urbanistics compliance and tax planning

   c. Monitoring condominial payment

   d. Drafting of the preliminary sales

   e. Preparing for the notary of the necessary documentation to the deed of sale




1. Drafting and registration lease contracts.

2. Update istat.

3. Contractual renewals and resolutions.

4. Assistance of users opening.

5. Pre qualification lessor and renter.

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